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Personal injury law deals with intentional or unintentional wrongdoing that affects individuals physically or psychologically. We are well-versed in torts law and may work on cases involving medical malpractice, accidental collisions, product liability, wrongful death, or workplace injury. Many cases are settled out of court in this field of legal practice. 

General litigation is legal method for settling controversies or disputes between and among persons, organizations, and the State. David’s law practice concentrates in both civil and criminal. He practices in both state and federal court.

Family law focuses on legal relations between individuals in the context of the family. We specialize in a variety of areas ranging from child welfare, through adoption, to divorce, legitimacy, civil unions, domestic partnerships, and marriages.

Corporate law involves the formation, dissolution, and all other legal aspects of the administration of corporations. This includes mergers, acquisitions, internal reorganization, or disputes between corporations and individuals concerning liability, patents, and compliance with state and federal law, as well as international accords. 

Labor law is concerned with the relations between workers and their employers on matters ranging from wages and compensation, through harassment, to discrimination based on gender, disability, or age. 

Estate planning serves individuals and their families in all aspects of will origination, planning, probate, estate and trust administration. 

Real Estate law involves real estate transactions, closings, re-financing, title searches, development litigation, tenant rights, or landlord disputes. 

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